Say Goodbye to Brocante de Luxe

Yes, you have read it correctly, Brocante de Luxe is going to disappear but No... we are not closing the shop, we are just changing our visual identity and Brocante de Luxe becomes


Luxury & Vintage

So just our images changes, our curated selection of vintage luxury bags and accesories will remain .

So why this change? To get a more international name as most our our cllients are not french and Brocante de Luxe does not say nothing to them, and also to get a more clear positioning as really there is nothing of "Brocante" in the shop..

Also I chose Opulence cause I like golden, strass, flashy and things with a strong personality, so it matches fine with the selection of vintage luxury bags that you will find in the shop. Come to visit the shop and I will show you all the treasures that are in the shop from Hermes or Chanel, Im sure you will love them. If not you can always shop online in our e-shop

So what do you think of this change? and of our logo?

see you soon at Opulence Luxury & Vintage!

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